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Words Can Crush or Build Up Boys: Use Them Wisely

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can completely crush you.  Like red and green signs over a road, an understanding of their power is necessary for life. They should be like darts aiming for a target, not like a released balloon flailing about getting spittle-filled air everywhere. When you become a mentor, your words take on a ...

01 04 2018

You Can’t “Make” Men Out of Boys. Maturity Is Begotten Not Made.

Lately I can’t stop mulling over the words “begotten not made” from the Creed. The eternal Son is born of the Father - God from God, light from light, true God from true God – not made. If modernity is good at anything, its making things. And judging by the infanticide and obsession with sterile forms of “sexuality”, we are not into thi...

01 25 2017

What Becoming a Father or Mentor Will Do to You

Be forewarned. If you decide to deepen your fatherly identity in some form of mentoring it will not just affect young people. It will also have a profound effect on you.  Why? Firstly, you are making real and explicit your core identity as a man, which is a father. Fatherhood is matured masculinity, which has been passed on through fathers befo...

By Mr. Jason Craig 12 05 2016

The Transgender Movement Is Especially Dangerous for Boys

It is a bit ironic that the “bathroom wars” began in Charlotte, NC, my home state.[1] While we war over whether or not a man is a man, or just seems that way, North Carolina’s motto remains engraved in stones around the state: Esse quam videri, which is Latin for “to be, rather than to seem”. Like I said – ironic. Of course, I th...

11 23 2016

8 Ways to Put the Fear of God in Your Children

The concept a man has of God guides his whole life.  If he considers God a far-off being with no concern for mankind, he will return the favor and have no concern for God.  If Jesus is a softie who advocates a spineless resignation that he calls “love,” a man will never stand up to defend the truth of the faith.  If he perceives God to be a ...

11 22 2016

Dear Men, Without You Boys CANNOT Be Virtuous – Here’s What to Do

We think of friendship as an “add on” to life - nice but unessential.  However, for the young especially, friendship is dispensed with to the peril of their growth into a man.  And no, not friendship with peers only, but trusting friendship with adults.  Why?  Because the inexperience of young men, if mixed with a life without mentors, make...

By Mr. Jason Craig 11 03 2016

The TRAUMA of Divorce and The Struggle of Pornography Addiction

When Chris came to me for help for his pornography addiction he sincerely wanted to uncover and resolve the root causes of his addiction.  He had read stories about people addicted to pornography and sex who as children had been abused, neglected, or were raised by alcoholics.  Because he had experienced none of these traumas in his life he could...

10 05 2016

Danger First: The Education of Men

Nothing worth doing is free of peril—including education. Education is often considered most perilous when it comes to boys. Adolescent boys are creatures on fire, the word “adolescence” being derived from a word meaning, “to burn” or “be kindled.” Governing the fires of adolescence is everything in the process of maturation, and educ...

By Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick 09 27 2016

Who Is YOUR Son’s Mentor?

In the growing movement to re-emphasize fatherhood and masculine formation there is – rightly – immense focus on biological fathers.  For boys especially, as they grow into adolescence they are growing away from their childhood and the world of women represented by their mother and teachers and into the world of men.  The father is the one wh...

09 22 2016

Technology, The Biology of Fatherhood and The Anti-Christ

Recently I saw a preview for a TV show about a band of geniuses saving the world with, ya know, facts and math and stuff. In one scene a divorced mother was explaining her desire to move closer to her son’s father. A lead character (one of the “geniuses”) thought it was a horrible idea.  The emotional mother explained that the boy should be ...

09 20 2016

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