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Stop Blaming the World and Take Responsibility

When I first sat down to write this, I was adamant about my purpose: I wanted to rant that men are oppressed by forces that are no fault of their own. That man’s oppression is the fault of women. Or maybe culture. I wanted to project my feelings of frustration with the current state of manhood onto something else or someone else. I wanted to ...

06 28 2019

Reclaim Religious Freedom – An Independence Day Homily

Six years of my priesthood were spent serving as the Vice Rector of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland - my previous assignment. Emmitsburg is a small town with a great Catholic Heritage; But just eight miles north of the town is the historic Gettysburg National Battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Since the National Park Ser...

07 04 2017

8 Ways to Put the Fear of God in Your Children

The concept a man has of God guides his whole life.  If he considers God a far-off being with no concern for mankind, he will return the favor and have no concern for God.  If Jesus is a softie who advocates a spineless resignation that he calls “love,” a man will never stand up to defend the truth of the faith.  If he perceives God to be a ...

11 22 2016

Political Form and Modern Liberalism

Mr. Brian Jones In reflecting upon the goodness of early American New England townships, the French political writer Alexis de Tocqueville wrote the following: “The inhabitant of New England is attached to his township because it is strong and independent; he is interested in it because he cooperates in directing it; he loves it...he places...

11 16 2016

What We Gain by Respecting Authority

In the capital of my home state, three police officers were recently murdered.  This followed an allegation of police brutality where a criminal suspect appeared to be murdered by the police.  This is all to say that a scant 60 miles or so from my house, complete civic chaos is on the brink of breaking out. But why? When I began writing this a...

08 12 2016

Why Notre Dame Can’t Have It Both Ways

A recent news report shared the story of a teenager driving down a quiet neighborhood street presumably on the way to a friend’s house when he crashed and nearly died. According to the police report, the teen was going at least 50 in a 30 mile per hour zone and he admitted to texting while driving when his car careened off the road and ended up i...

05 13 2016

Christian Men – Agents of Change or Boys at Play?

My second daughter is due to make an appearance in the world this summer. I am ecstatic. I am also afraid. This makes me the father of, so far, two daughters (and one son!). I am excited because having a daughter is a special privilege. The duty I have as a father is unreal. My impact on these girls will shape so much of their lives – the...

04 06 2016

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