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The Treasure of Four Leave Clovers, and Man

Out in the field training one weekend I found myself looking at nature as I monitored the radio.  I found patches of clover.  I harkened back to my youth-and sure enough, found a four-leaf clover.  An anomaly in the bunch, but common enough for people everywhere to find them and claim them as good luck. We look upon those four-leaf clovers as s...

12 30 2019

You Need to Read

I was once reading a book in a Verizon store as I awaited a phone repair, which was apparently a significant enough oddity that multiple people made a comment to me.  I knew I was going to pass time, which is why I brought a book, but I didn’t realize that in a store of screens reading can be received as a sort of protest.  (I kind of liked tha...

03 31 2019

“Striking the Balance” Between Truth and Love

People say you should never talk about religion in the workplace.  I failed on this front last week, but I’m glad I did.  The conversation between me, a coworker and my boss—though uncomfortable at times—was fruitful.  It’s difficult to admit, but the temptation for me in such conversations is to either recoil in fear, to act from a post...

05 29 2018

What Are You Holding On To That Keeps You From God?

Suffering isn’t fun, but it isn’t necessarily bad.  Case in point: I’ve been battling the flu for the last week and a half, which is the antithesis of fun.  But it wasn’t all bad.  I was able to do a lot of good soul searching for my Lenten reflection while being laid up in bed.  I don’t know if it was the flu meds, the Holy Spirit, o...

03 16 2018

Fraternal Discord Amongst Bishops and Clergy Hurts Evangelization

In the ecclesial tumult of the last 5 decades or so, Rome has been a firm touchstone for truth. Through the Papacies of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, there was a keen desire to bring clarity to confusion, and in official pronouncements Rome brought unity by clarifying confusion.  But today, instead of being the final word of clarity that ends...

03 09 2018

Defending Humanae Vitae: A Bishop Stands Up for the Truth

When facing the difficulties of secular culture, we have two major options: to accommodate the culture or to hold fast to the truth. I think we now have enough evidence to certify that the first option leads to death. Literally, Christian churches are dying out because they have lost their faith and their commitment to the truth. When we as ind...

02 11 2018

Stop Talking If You Don’t Know What You’re Saying

We use words, but too often without knowing their meaning. We see this culturally in how we throw around “marriage”, but we would do well to accept that this happens in Church quite regularly. We say “love” and sprinkle in “faith” and pepper on “hope” and as long as we say it “kindly” we’re good Christians. But this sta...

01 26 2018

A Marriage Creed: Professing and Defending Truth in a Time of Confusion

Listen to the audio version here! Creeds help us not only to understand what we believe, but also to profess it, strengthening our faith. One tenant of Catholic belief suffers attack more than any other right now: marriage and family life. Not only do people attack, both within and out of the Church, but many are just downright ignoring ...

01 24 2018

Questions: The “Darlings” of the Intellect

“You’re all failures!”  Can you imagine being a senior in high school and hearing these as the first words, on the first day of class, to come out of your new teacher’s mouth?  I witnessed exactly that from Mr. McMahon, my favorite teacher from high school who is now a dear friend. What followed in the classroom after his provocative stat...

11 29 2017

Fighting for Our Mind in Society and in the Church

Much of what George Orwell describes in his futuristic novel, 1984, comes right out of the playbook of Communist and totalitarian states of the twentieth century. He went further, however, in his fictitious regime’s attempt to control the mind of its citizens through constant digital surveillance and the omnipresence of media.  His account chill...

10 20 2017

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