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COVID and the Screening Out of Christian Culture

The famous phrase “the medium is the message” comes from Marshall McLuhan in his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. McLuhan was a Catholic and really should be more widely read in our day. The quip means that the very way that you receive something is perhaps more important than what you receive. We can thank McLuhan for his prop...

07 22 2020

Media Consumption Affects Your Sexual Arousal, for Better or Worse

The media we consume does have an impact on us.  Advertisers influence us every day.  They determine what we wear, eat, drive, and even smell like.  Just look at the polyester leisure suits men wore in the 1970s (or take my word for it, they were bad) and you will see how strongly we can be influenced by advertisements and fashions. Pornograp...

01 09 2018

A Two Step Plan to Stop Checking that Phone

There’s simply no excuse anymore to think that you are harmlessly, blamelessly, and reasonably checking your phone as many times a day as you are.  And, as an example to the next generation, when you spend time looking at a screen you are helping lead the way to their unhappiness, which is unequivocally linked to their media addiction via phone ...

12 17 2017

Making Social Media Authentic

It’s an odd time to be alive. In 2017 we are connected with each other more than mankind has ever been before. We can communicate more rapidly with more people in more ways than anyone could have possibly imagined 100 years ago. You know from your own experience that social media is an omnipresent force in modern life. Most of us likely com...

10 23 2017

Protected: An Interview w/ the Resident Catholic Monarchist of the Daily Wire: Paul Bois

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10 11 2017

Are Men Just Wrong?

  I remember once, on a canoe trip, standing on a rock in about 5 feet of water. The water was deep and the current strong.  To maintain my stance, I was required to lean into the onrush of water and delicately balance myself; otherwise, I would be carried away by an unrelenting river.  Sometimes, as I watch the current culture and study ...

By Fr. Brian Doerr 11 13 2015

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