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Men Who Act: Nicholas Winton’s Story is One to Know

By: Damien Murtagh You may have seen the Verizon Super Bowl commercials that focused on the first responders who saved the lives of many an NFL player and coach as well as countless more daily across the country. One features a coach who stands in front of a group of first responders to share the account of the day he almost died were it not for t...

02 14 2019

Be a Hero, Not a Victim

I refuse to be a victim of circumstance.  That is a phrase I seldom hear anymore but it’s one I’ve tried to live my life by. Circumstances have not always been kind to me.  My father passed away when I was young, my mother’s second marriage was to a very hateful man, my wife and I started our family earlier and with less finances than perh...

10 15 2018

Heroes Are Made in Many Small Moments, Not a Few Big Ones

What is a hero? What makes an action heroic? I used to think that heroes wore capes and flew around saving people from train wrecks or bombs. Since I haven’t seen anyone like that in real life I have had to look for a new model of heroism. I suppose I always had in the back of my mind that the saints should be my models for heroism, but they don...

06 22 2018

Fr. Miguel Juarez, A Hero for Christ

Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez was ordained a Priest in Belgium on August 31, 1925.  Already by 1926, however, due to his poor health, Fr. Miguel’s superiors sent him back to his homeland of Mexico.  Thus began his story of heroic suffering for which he is known.  Less than a month after his arrival home, “an order suppressing all public worship...

10 30 2017

Taking the Risk of Faith

The man who never made a mistake never made anything. Likewise, the man who never takes a risk never gets ahead. Whether it is starting your own business, getting engaged, pursuing your dream career, getting a great education or achieving athletic greatness, if you don’t take a risk you don’t take the prize. This is why the story of Peter wa...

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker 11 07 2016

Cynicism & the Gentleman Hero

In a world where men tend to hedge their bets on man before anything else, it is not surprising that many experience letdowns. Because of Original Sin human beings are naturally imperfect, and thus it is natural that humanists are suspicious, even contemptuous, of any kind of idealism. This attitude degenerates into the habit of cynicism—of quest...

By Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick 10 26 2015

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