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When Exactly Did The Church Begin?

When did the Church actually begin? Undoubtedly, we have heard different answers to this important question throughout the years. Was it the moment the Roman soldier’s lance pierced Christ’s side and blood and water flowed out and spilled upon the ground on Calvary? Was it the result of the “...happy fault, O truly necessary sin of Adam, dest...

10 15 2018

The Church Is Not a Denomination

Given the huge proliferation of Christian denominations, I think we have fallen into the position of viewing the Catholic Church as simply the oldest and largest of them all. It was in Antioch that followers of the “way,” as Acts calls them, were first named Christians. It is noteworthy that Christ was the title that referred to Jesus’s ki...

10 09 2018

Five Reasons Why the Church Needs Deacons Right Now

Many people don’t know exactly what deacons are or how they fit into the Church. This article provides five reasons why we need permanent deacons in the Church right now, but before we do that let’s look at the differences between transitional and permanent deacons and the three degrees of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Transitional Versus Per...

08 29 2018

Does the Church Teach Distributism?

Distributism is usually known as an economic theory advanced primarily by Hilaire Belloc and G. K. Chesterton. They themselves, however, claimed that this theory was rooted in the social teaching of the Church, especially Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno, the Church’s first two major social encyclicals. Distributism remains controversial, as ...

08 01 2018

What a Man Can Learn from Candles and Old Church Ladies

On February 2, 2018, we celebrate the Feast Day of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. Traditionally, this day has always been referred to as “Candlemas,” when the infant Christ Child, the very Light of the World, was brought into the temple by Mary and Joseph 40 days after His birth according to Jewish custom. Over the centuries, ...

02 01 2018

Views on Healthy Sexuality: The World vs. The Church

It’s no secret that our secular society has become hostile towards religious views and beliefs.  People who follow most organized religions are viewed as ignorant and unenlightened.  This is especially true for Catholics.  Many believe the Catholic teachings on sexual morality are antiquated and places too much of a burden on people today....

01 29 2018

Advent: A Time of Preparation and Penance

The Church celebrates Advent as a time of preparation for the birth of Christ. It is not as old as Lent, the great fast to prepare for Easter and the initiation of new converts at the vigil, but arose at least by the fifth century. The logic of Advent and Lent is that major events take preparation and in this case we are preparing our souls to rece...

12 05 2017

Time is a Gift: Use it Well

You know the story: An old man is near death. His career was successful, providing well for his family. But he is nagged by a feeling that he wasn’t around enough. Extended business trips and late nights spent at the office haunt him. Was his worldly success worth missing those baseball games, recitals, and family dinners? In the twilight of h...

11 13 2017

Fighting for Our Mind in Society and in the Church

Much of what George Orwell describes in his futuristic novel, 1984, comes right out of the playbook of Communist and totalitarian states of the twentieth century. He went further, however, in his fictitious regime’s attempt to control the mind of its citizens through constant digital surveillance and the omnipresence of media.  His account chill...

10 20 2017

What Hill Are You Dying On?

I don’t like to read long blog posts. The good news is that means I typically don’t like writing long blog posts either. This one, therefore, will be an exercise in brevity. Our lives are filled with amazing tools, gadgets, and conveniences, yet we are losing our souls. My thought on why: we don’t have enough men proclaiming truth, beau...

09 12 2017

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