I don’t like to read long blog posts. The good news is that means I typically don’t like writing long blog posts either. This one, therefore, will be an exercise in brevity.

Our lives are filled with amazing tools, gadgets, and conveniences, yet we are losing our souls.

My thought on why: we don’t have enough men proclaiming truth, beauty and goodness. What we have enough of is nice guys who put their life on cruise control. I wish we had more men seeking to live out their masculine genius to engage the world and cultivate it.

Here is my question: in what way are you going to cultivate the culture? What battle are you going to embark on until death do you part? How are you going to stand firm with the flag of Christ and defend something true, good or beautiful?

Here are a few hills I am willing to die on:

  • That Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world
  • That the Catholic Church is the one true Church Jesus established
  • That abortion is the worst assault on humanity
  • That the Church needs to take Her responsibility of evangelization more seriously and stop missing the opportunity that sports provides in introducing our young people to Jesus
  • That the failure of men to live out what they were meant to be has caused the decline of culture like nothing else in the world

What are some hills you would die on?

If you haven’t really thought about your life in this way, here are some questions/comments to perhaps mull over:

  • What are you passionate about that needs to either be defended or promoted and that helps our culture transform from a culture of death to a culture of life?
  • Where is there a void that needs to be filled in this regard? Can you begin to fill that void? How?
  • As you pray about your particular mission, it is important to realize in this very moment you don’t need to be an expert or perfect.
  • It will take courage, but have no fear – Christ has overcome the world.

Gents, if we begin to rise up and unify our voices for the cause of Christ, think about what can be different? We need to get off the couch, out of the bars and get on a damn hill. Once we are up there, let’s be sure we are willing to die on it.

09 / 12 / 2017
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