In this article, I discuss the seventh and eighth characteristics of pornography addiction.

  • It is Used as a Reward.  Pornography addicts can also justify their pornography use by viewing it as a reward.  Whether they have been working hard in their career or around the house, they justify their pornography use as a reward for “a job well done.”  Some people use pornography as a reward after dealing successfully with difficult people.  Regardless of the situation, using pornography as a reward is wrong because is uses a job well done as justification to use others for selfish sexual pleasure.

When have you used pornography as a reward?

  • It Provides a Feeling of Power.  Like all addicts, pornography addicts feel they have little control in life.  Their deep needs to be heard, loved, affirmed and blessed are not being met, resulting in a feeling of powerlessness.  Using pornography, and more specifically the people in porn, gives them a sense of power.  This is because pornography use is based on fantasy.  In a fantasy, the person fantasizing is in control.  Whether the fantasy is about a sexual encounter or hitting the winning homerun of the World Series, the fantasizer is in control.  This gives him a sense of power over his life.  However, this is a false sense of power and it is short-lived.  They don’t realize that to feel a real sense of control in their lives, they need to acknowledge their powerlessness and turn to God as the one true source of power.

How did using pornography give you a sense of power?

If any of these eight characteristics of pornography addiction apply to you, I recommend seeking professional help.  You might be addicted to pornography.  The good news is that help is available.  Through a comprehensive recovery program, those who are enslaved by pornography addiction can find freedom!


06 / 27 / 2017
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