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Breaking Free from Pornography: How Exodus 90 Helps

By: Dr. Kevin Kilcawley “It is useless to subdue the flesh by abstinence, unless one gives up his irregular life, and abandons vices which defile his soul.” St. Benedict of Nursia Late one evening, I was working with a client of mine who had been struggling with a longstanding pornography addiction. He came into my office, sat down, and told...

01 20 2019

Saying “Yes” to God

Upon reflecting on the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, I recalled a homily I heard at Mass which I thought was particularly relevant especially to those men that are going to be participating in upcoming Exodus 90 to end on Easter.  After completing Exodus 90 myself, the meaning of this solemnity made more sense to me.  Mary was immacul...

12 19 2018

Of Hogs and Brothers in Christ: An Exodus Reflection

Some years ago, before my wife and I converted to Roman Catholicism, I was a young pastor of a small, rural Pentecostal church in north central Indiana. My congregation was almost entirely comprised of farmers, mill workers, and their families. My most prominent parishioner was a somewhat gregarious old hog farmer by the name of Ben Wagner. In Ben...

12 14 2018

Why Catholic Men Need a Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview a young Catholic man who recently graduated from high school, joined the Marines, and was four days removed from boot camp when we met. When a recruit joins the Marines, they submit themselves to the will of their superiors for their first 13 weeks in order that they might become the best soldiers ...

11 30 2018

Experience the Beer Option at St. Joseph’s Farm in November

In the next couple of weeks, my new book The Beer Option is coming out. I’m adding to the many options that have been proposed recently with one to which I hope we can all raise our glasses! But, what is the Beer Option? It proposes a renewal of Catholic culture by attending to the small but significant things of life, such as beer. Brewing te...

10 03 2018

Millenials Don’t Want a Relevant Church, So Stop Embarrassing Us

Here in the Diocese of Nashville, dining out can get tricky – especially during the summer months when fifteen million tourists flock to the Music City. Finding just the right, out-of-the-way place before the hordes of our great out-of-town guests find it is a quest. I don’t mean to brag, but, frankly, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. A Frat...

07 20 2018

Four Qualities for Authentic Friendship

“We asked 100 married men, ‘Who do you talk to first when your wife finds out you’ve cheated on her?’” I heard this question recently on a re-run episode of the classic dinnertime game show “Family Feud.” Funny the things we remember, right? Oddly, I also recall the number one answer was “bartender.” Really? Yep. The number one pe...

06 12 2018

Why Discipline Requires Discipline

If there is one thing my dad drilled into his children through both words and deeds, it was the virtue of discipline. In my short time as a father, it is perhaps the thing with which I struggle the most. Growing up, my dad constantly drilled me and my five siblings on the importance of discipline. He led through example by leaving for work most ...

09 18 2017

Breaking Addiction: Educate Yourself

  In this article, I continue discussing the seven points of the Integrity Starts Here! recovery program.  The next two points are 5) Spiritual Plan and 6) Education.  Here I provide a description for each of these points.   Spiritual Plan: A close intimate relationship with God is important for successful recovery.  Here is where ...

07 26 2017

You Cannot Break Addiction Alone

In this article, I continue discussing the seven points of the Integrity Starts Here! recovery program.  The next two points are 3) Support and Accountability; and 4) Counseling.  Here I provide a description for each of these points.   Support and Accountability:  To be successful in recovery you will need to surround yourself with other ...

07 19 2017

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