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The Month of the Rosary is Coming: Make the Most of it with This Book

It’s true, converting to Catholicism from Protestantism can comes with its share of culture shock. I know there are some that have a hard time with newly assented-to doctrines, like all that Mary stuff. But not me. Mary became a loving mother to me rather quickly. But going into Catholic bookstores? – now that was shock. I was going from a c...

09 18 2020

You Should Want to Be a Great Saint

Do you want to be a saint? Is it arrogant or presumptuous to believe one can become a saint? St Thérèse of Lisieux recognized that the greatness of God’s saints vary depending on their love for Him: “I saw that one could be a Saint in varying degrees, for we are free to respond to Our Lord’s invitation by doing much or little in our love f...

02 18 2019

Our Circle of Support: The Saints

As I was praying about my patron saints recently, the following image came to my mind, about the order of our prayer and the help that God has given us to reach Him: all the saints are centered on God and they seek to pull us into that center through their prayers and support. The heart of our prayer centers on God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. T...

11 24 2018

You’re Never Too Holy to Fall

Have you ever thought of the Saints as impartially blessed or favored by God, as virtually super-human, and basically incapable of sin? Have you ever felt that their claims of being vulnerable to even the most serious temptations were at least excessive, if not disingenuous? Do you hold, or have you held the view, that someone so immensely blessed ...

09 30 2018

Two Spiritual Pillars Worth Following . . . and Visiting

As a Benedictine oblate, people ask me regularly: what does it mean to be an oblate? Most importantly, it entails taking the Rule of St. Benedict as a spiritual charter for how we live the Gospel. St. Benedict is clear at the opening of the Rule: incline your ear to the words of the Master and run to meet Him. The Master is Christ and the Rule help...

05 14 2018

Saints, Monks, and Beer: A Pilgrimage for the Ages

This October I’m leading my first pilgrimage. It will coincide with a book I have coming out, The Beer Option: A Catholic Guide to Beer and Culture, which will be published by Angelico. The pilgrimage aims at exploring Catholic culture in its fullness: great art and architecture, food and drink, religious life, and the saints. My wife, Anne, and ...

03 02 2018

Go Deeper Than Your Hobbies Allow: Peace in Mission

Bishop Robert Barron and non-Catholic apologist William Lane Craig recently sat down with an audience to talk about apologetics, evangelization and the secular culture’s latest effort to eliminate faith from the culture. The event was recorded and provides an extremely valuable opportunity to hear the thoughts and advice of two of the most gifted...

02 24 2018

There’s Not a Saint in the History of the Church Missing a Devotion to Mary. Are You?

Note on the Author: Jonathan Conrad is commonly known as The Catholic Woodworker.  He is a husband and father whose driving passion is to cultivate greater Marian devotion among Catholic men.  I have 1 question for you who have completed your 90 day Exodus journey: does it feel like you’ve reached the Promised Land?  Meaning, have you ...

09 28 2017

Stop Accusing the Saints of Legalism

If you have spent any significant amount of time among serious Christians, then you know that the word “legalism” is often regarded as a very dirty word in their vocabulary.  Provided we understand the word properly, I am perfectly happy with this being the case.  My fear, however, is that we do not understand it properly. Legalism, as I see ...

08 17 2017

Why You Need a Rule of Life & How to Make One

Very often I encounter Catholic men that desire to grow in holiness- whether this is to learn more about their faith, grow in prayer or tackle a serious sin in their life- but very often they are not sure exactly where to start. The challenge can be overwhelming (especially if we have been away from the faith for a while), and what we can see so...

By Fr. Branson Hipp 01 05 2017

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