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Pain and the Resurrection: The Route to Communion

Recently, a loved one of mine has been experiencing relentless pain. It all began with minor aches years ago which have gradually become worse and worse – to the point of interfering with his day to day life. The pain has even affected his ability to get consistent sleep. As you can imagine, this can quickly lead to a vicious cycle. The problem ...

05 05 2019

Pentecost: Christianity is More Than Getting Out of Hell

Christianity is more than a canceling of a sin-debt.  The central piece of our faith is not just the communication of our cleansing, but the Incarnation of God Himself.  But even that doesn't say enough – it's not the whole story.  Because it is not just that the divine intermingled with man, like a visitor, but that through Christ man becomes...

05 20 2018

The Long Run

The 20th century economist John Maynard Keynes famously wrote: “In the long run, we’re all dead.” The quip was meant in some ways as a tongue-in-cheek jab at those who did not share his views about the long-run effects of high government spending, and in context is a criticism of what Keynes perceived as flaws in his opponents’ thinking. Al...

08 01 2016

What is a Man of Faith?

Belief, Authority, and Faith ‘Belief’ is for children, says modern man.  To ‘believe’ is cute, like ‘make believing’, but the mature person has no space for ‘belief’ in the strict sense.  Because the strict sense entails that one has not actually seen the thing that is being believed.  ‘Faith is the … conviction of things ...

07 25 2016

Money & the Digital Hijacking of Reality

I would like to recommend a book titled The Resurrection: Experience Life in the Risen Christ by Fabrice Hadjadj. It was given to me as a gift for Easter. I found it to be surprisingly insightful and unexpectedly joyful! With a great sense of humor, Hadjadj interprets the Gospel passages pertaining to the Resurrection. He brings a fresh perspective...

05 24 2016

Resist the Temptation to “Come Down from the Cross”

In the time of Easter there is a temptation to leave all the fruits of Lent behind, growing lax and celebrating too heartily. It is important, therefore, to ask: what is the continuity between Lent and Easter? One essential link that I would like to explore is that the Resurrection, the triumph and transformation of our lives, is only possible afte...

04 06 2016

Live the Victory of the Resurrection by Committed Love

Commitment always brings suffering. Even on a small scale, we see it in the fact that accepting an invitation to something on a Saturday night means having to say “no” if a better invitation happens to come along. On a larger scale, it’s seen in the decision to be a father when it means giving of one’s time and living for another and when i...

03 29 2016

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