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Developing Prudence in Fast Paced Business

“We do not develop the virtue of prudence through life experience, but through contemplation of that experience.” ~ Alexander Havard Contemplation is not something for which many business leaders make time. Business is too-fast paced, moving in an eco-system which demands attention to different details constantly. There really is no time to...

03 11 2018

“Open-Minded” Catholicism

A bumper sticker shared with me the other day that “A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.” This shouldn’t be an unfamiliar idea for any of us: “open-mindedness” has become the chief virtue of the modern age. Whereas the ancient philosophers identified prudence as the “charioteer of the virtues” – that skill by which a man woul...

By Fr. Clayton Thompson 01 09 2017

Dear Men, Without You Boys CANNOT Be Virtuous – Here’s What to Do

We think of friendship as an “add on” to life - nice but unessential.  However, for the young especially, friendship is dispensed with to the peril of their growth into a man.  And no, not friendship with peers only, but trusting friendship with adults.  Why?  Because the inexperience of young men, if mixed with a life without mentors, make...

By Mr. Jason Craig 11 03 2016

This Christmas: Become like St. Joseph – the Faithful Father

“It’s no mistake” I said to Mike, “that every Catholic church has an image of St. Joseph up front.” Mike had come for confession and counseling over his failures as a husband and father. He had got caught up in the trap of pornography and ambition. He made some bad, short cut decisions. Stress built up and workaholism began to bite. Mi...

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker 12 24 2015

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