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Sanctifying the Day with the Angelus

Psalm 55 speaks of crying out to God at morning, noon, and night and Catholics traditionally mark these three key periods of the day by praying the Angelus at six, noon, and six. Sanctifying the key periods of the day began in the early Church by reciting the Our Father three times a day (see the Catechism §2767), which expanded with the prayi...

09 25 2020

Mary’s Example for Men Taking the Risk of Faith

By: Peter Strickland Anyone who has asked God to help them make big decisions in their life knows that there is a risk involved, because, many times, God does not explicitly direct us down a path. We pray and pray and we find ourselves staring at two paths, both good, still not knowing which exact one God wants us to take. Here, many people freeze...

02 02 2019

Saying “Yes” to God

Upon reflecting on the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, I recalled a homily I heard at Mass which I thought was particularly relevant especially to those men that are going to be participating in upcoming Exodus 90 to end on Easter.  After completing Exodus 90 myself, the meaning of this solemnity made more sense to me.  Mary was immacul...

12 19 2018

What the Faults and Virtue of the First Pope Say to a Church in Scandal

Peter the fisherman, a rural manual laborer who the Jews in Jerusalem would have looked on as a hick with that funny Galilean accent, is the first to make that great act of Faith to Jesus: “You are the Christ the Son of the Living God”. At the First Eucharist, he swears to our Lord that if all others should deny him he never would. Then comes t...

10 28 2018

A Closer Look at Joseph’s Response To Mary’s Pregnancy

During the Christmas season, our thoughts turn naturally to the Holy Family: the birth of Jesus, the feast of the Holy Family, the solemnity of Mary’s motherhood, and the Epiphany. The foundation of Christmas starts nine months earlier with Mary’s fiat. Joseph has his fiat as well, recorded in Matthew’s Gospel. Some have even called it the An...

01 02 2018

What We Can Do for the Fatima Anniversary

October 13th marks 100 years since the Miracle of the Sun, concluding Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima. Many dioceses are marking the occasion by performing a consecration to Our Lady, including my own Archdiocese, Denver. Are you looking for a concrete way to mark the anniversary and heed the call of Our Lady of Fatima? First, we can follow the ...

10 12 2017

The Annunciation Is a Big Deal

Easter, Christmas, then the Annunciation? Although it’s not a holy day of obligation, the Annunciation is one of the central solemnities of the liturgical year. There are two main reasons why. First, the Incarnation is absolutely central to our faith and salvation. Even though we celebrate Christmas with great solemnity to mark Jesus’ birt...

03 24 2017

Love Your Mother!

May is Mary’s month.  The beginning of May, then, offers a chance to focus on Our Lady’s place in a man’s spiritual life.  What is Marian devotion for? What are its effects and what does it do for us? Following St. Louis de Montfort, we could list the following: loving the Mother of God instills in us an admiration for the virtue of humi...

04 30 2016

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