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The Women of the Gospel of St. Mark & A Lesson for Us

The role of women in the Gospel of Mark is partially typified by some traditionally missing information which is contained in other gospel passages. References to the Blessed Mother are present (Mk 3: 31-35; 6: 3), but there is no mention made of her words recorded in other gospels, particularly and specifically her conversation with the Angel Gabr...

04 25 2018

Why Rocky Balboa Tells More Truth than “Health and Wealth” Preachers

The “health and wealth” mentality with regards to religion is nothing new. As long as human beings have been around, we’ve sought the “easier, faster=better” solutions to daily life. When it comes to faith, “better” usually comes in the form of the “prosperity preachers” and their “health and wealth” sermons. What can be easie...

01 22 2018

“Gender Feminism” & The Gospel Don’t Jive

If facts are thorns, Christina Hoff Somers is the thorn in the side of lefty feminism. If we can just call facts, facts, Christina Hoff Somers is who she says she is: the Factual Feminist. The Gospel of Gender Feminism “Gender Feminism” is all about raising awareness of the man-centered scheme of western society. According to gender feminist...

02 08 2017

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