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Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Families are always on the go in today’s fast paced world. There’s swimming lessons, dance recitals, piano lessons, basketball practice, soccer games, school plays, church activities, etc. All this activity is pulling families apart. When I work with struggling families I often ask them how many nights a week they sit down to have dinner togeth...

01 12 2020

A Man Who Saves Children, Especially the Ones Trained to Kill

By: Innocent Eteng Every time David Sesay tells his story, he does so with details conveyed through sorrowful and cracking tones, as though it all happened yesterday when, in fact, it has been over 25 years. "At the time, I was just five when our town Kamakwie (in northern Sierra Leone), was invaded,” he said, recalling how he was forced to joi...

01 02 2020

Be a Father Who Plays

For the past two years, I have been working a job that has required a daily commute of roughly two hours, more or less. Over time, it has slowly worn on me, not to mention my cars. It not only has had its effects on me, but my wife and my son also feel the impact of my long absence. I’ve written and lamented in the past on how crucial it is f...

10 15 2018

Attention Dads: Pornography’s Physical Threat to Your Kids

Sandy is a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore who recently missed three days of school.  She told her friends she had the flu because she was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell them the truth.  Sandy had actually been to the doctor for treatment for Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.  She got it by participating in group sex with he...

09 30 2018

Animals Are Not Babies. Don’t Allow the Comparison

If you are anything like me you own a pet (I own several dogs). 60% of Americans own a pet of some sort (feathered, finned, or furred) so chances are if you don't own a pet you know someone who does.  I like pets, but I think its clear our society is corrupting what should be a healthy pastime into a toxic obsession and perversion of parenthood ak...

06 21 2018

Don’t Let Your To-Do List Make You Miss Being a Dad

In a technological world of instant gratification, it has become very difficult to be patient for anything to come full circle, whether it’s personal goals or products arriving in the mail.  The patient man or woman is usually a simple man or woman with the ability to understand the beauty of the process; not just the outcome. I am not patien...

06 07 2018

Fatherhood: Be A Gift to Your Children

When I was young, there was a shelf in our living room that had a bunch of random stuff on it. Among the odd items was a smooth rock with a simple phrase painted on it: “When giving your children the things you never had, don’t forget to give them the things you did have.” I think it has been 30 years since I last saw that knickknack, so I ma...

04 11 2018

Relativism and Devices Are Dulling Your Kids’ Minds

As a high school theology teacher, I witness a lack of student engagement. They want an “A”, not an education. Most students are distracted, less eager to learn, and disrespectful. Their lack of respect stems from a disinterest in any wisdom their educators long to impart to them. They are not wholly to blame, however. Society today praises...

02 13 2018

I Yelled, Then Repented: Here’s How My Kids Responded

In our home we repent.  Every night.  We ask God to enlighten our conscience, we pause, and then there’s a moment where someone can say, “I did such and such today to you, will you forgive me?”  The answer is not, “its ok,” but, “I forgive you.” This daily act of humility doesn’t always go well, but by and large it does.  My ...

12 12 2017

The Sexual Utilitarian Philosophy Your Kids Learn

For many teenagers, pornography is their primary source of sex education.  This is because the sex education they are getting at home and/or in school is inadequate.  They may learn about puberty, conception and birth, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, but they learn nothing about God’s plan for sexuality and healthy relationship...

12 06 2017

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