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Cultivating Courage in Your Business or Organization

Pope Benedict XVI illuminated the characteristics that marked Pope John Paul II as a saint by pointing out his “deep spirituality and courage to uphold the truth”. It was not so much in what Saint John Paul II said, it was in his actions. These days, we seem to best identify courage through its vice – cowardice; however, courage is much mo...

03 24 2018

Developing Prudence in Fast Paced Business

“We do not develop the virtue of prudence through life experience, but through contemplation of that experience.” ~ Alexander Havard Contemplation is not something for which many business leaders make time. Business is too-fast paced, moving in an eco-system which demands attention to different details constantly. There really is no time to...

03 11 2018

Awakening Business to Catholic Social Teaching

As the industrial revolution came upon the scene of what was still an infant United States, Pope Leo XIII set about to issue a defining document that would impact the “revolutionary change” that was about to invade the country. No wonder that Rerum novarum was an apt fitting title to convey his message. Pope Leo XIII wanted to establish a defin...

01 12 2018

Dear Netflix: You Can Entertain Me, but You Can’t Buy My Joy.

My father has a few sayings that he repeats over and over and over again. “Care-Full” he says, “Not, Care-Less”. Here’s another: “If you want to be a smart man, read The Wall Street Journal.” I’ve taken him up on the latter. Every morning, I open the breviary to greet my God, and then open the Journal to see what’s unfolding in...

11 16 2016

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