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Mr. Marc Barnes

Marc Barnes writes on issues of faith, philosophy and culture at (on?) his blog, BadCatholic, and has been featured in First Things Magazine, America Magazine, Razpotja, Crisis, U.S. Catholic, and some other publications he has forgotten about but hopes to remember soon for the sake of bangin’ resume (an article of clothing every Wanna-be Writer must belt across his loins to avoid being shamed by editors). He (almost) has a Masters’ degree in Philosophy from Franciscan University (they won’t give it to him until he pays his Spring Semester bill) and he currently teaches philosophy at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (where the Steelers practice, the fields are green, and the adjuncts prosper). He is in a band (Dear Other), where he gets all of his poetic feelings out (even if they should really stay in), and is the president (read: “panicker-in-chief”) of The Harmonium Project, a non-profit music venue in Steubenville, Ohio. He also writes musicals, crafts dank memes, and is currently working on a novel entitled “Mr. Bear Goes To Washington.” It’s about a bear. His current interests include phenomenology, making that mad Mitt-Romney money and chicken-flavored ramen noodles cooked with two eggs, sesame oil and a little Siracha. He recently applied to Vocelli’s to deliver pizza, but they told him that his license was suspended, so he cannot add that to his bangin’ resume.

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