In this article, I discuss the third and fourth characteristics of pornography addiction.

  • It is Degenerative and Progressive.  Over time the addiction gets worse.  As with any addiction a tolerance develops.  With this, the need for pornography grows.  In addition to spending more time viewing pornography, the type of pornography sought becomes more extreme.   Instead of viewing soft porn, such as the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue or the Victoria’s Secret Catalog, the man now needs to view more deviant, hard-core pornography that is often violent and can even be illegal.   Ultimately the pursuit and use of pornography consumes the man’s life.

How has your pornography use gotten worse over time?

  • It has Negative, Destructive Consequences.  The physical, emotional, spiritual and financial consequences of pornography addiction can be extensive.  Physical consequences can include genital injury, loss of sleep, stress, fatigue, and even physical injury if the man engages in sexual acts that are sadomasochistic.  If the addiction has gotten to the point where he is acting out with other people, he runs the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or creating an unplanned pregnancy.  The emotional consequences of pornography addiction include isolation, loneliness, fear, guilt, shame, anger, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.  Many addicts experience the loss of their marriage, family, friends and careers.  The financial consequences can also be great.  Many addicts amass huge amounts of debt from all the pornography they have purchased and related sexual activity.  The most dangerous consequence of pornography addiction is the loss of one’s relationship with God.  Most pornography users know that what they are doing is wrong and harmful to their relationship with God, yet they cannot stop themselves.  This can lead to a deeper loneliness that even pornography cannot ease.

How has your pornography use adversely affected your life?

Tomorrow, I will focus on characteristics five and six:

  • It is used to Escape Negative Feelings.  
  • It is justified by the Concept of “Entitlement.”  
06 / 07 / 2017
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