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Everyone Has Privilege

Especially after the election of Donald Trump, we hear almost daily that white male privilege has run its course and is to blame for nearly every ill in our society. It animates many new voices that seem to have large audiences. It is even one of the first go-to feelings when we see a video of a young Catholic male “smirking” at a Native Americ...

02 19 2019

Masculinity Can’t Be Toxic, Because Jesus Was Male

Well, men, the American Phycological Association thinks that “traditional masculinity” is undoubtedly linked to “aggression and violence,” because, you know, men are bad.  This is coming on the heels of the #MeToo movement, mass shooters (which are overwhelming male), and other such examples that prove our “man problem” today is not ju...

02 01 2019

A Woman’s Note to TCM Readers: We’re Ready for Your Strength

One of the saddest things about the controversies about masculinity – toxic this and that – is that it has men sitting behind screens pecking out and tweeting responses to internet mobs that wont hear them. While this is happening everyday there are practical ways to simply fill the void of masculinity instead of letting it be filled with the ...

01 29 2019

A Catholic Man’s Response to #MeToo

Let’s begin this article with a controversial statement: Toxic masculinity is real and has been since near the beginning of human existence. (Note: so too has toxic femininity, but it’s not the topic of this article.)  Many men hate this indictment and resist it.  After all, who wants to be painted with the same broad brush that touches sexua...

01 08 2018

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