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Dash Pounder Dan and Being Mad at the Church

I’ve never met him and never will. Don’t even know his real name. But our brief encounter on the road about 20 years ago comes to mind frequently. At the time, I was working at a major life insurance company in downtown Des Moines. The metro population is around 250,000, so it is unusual to frequently recognize other vehicles in your daily com...

07 17 2019

Evangelize? “Not My Yob.” Oh Yes, It Is.

By: Bill Sheridan The mid-70s featured a TV sitcom called ‘Chico and the Man’ starring Freddie Prinze as Chico. Its main character gained notoriety with a tag line which became famous. Anytime a difficult task arose, you could count on the next words out of Chico’s mouth, “It’s not my yob!” It was funny on TV. But not so much when ada...

12 30 2018

Forgiving Springsteen

Once upon a time, I was a big Bruce Springsteen fan. However that changed in over the last six years. First, I’ll explain why I lost interest in his music, then I’ll explain why I hope I can soon return as a fan. The departure from Bruce’s fan club began when my wife and I went to his concert in Omaha in 2012. I was struck by the religious f...

12 17 2018

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