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Young Catholic Men Want Reverent Liturgy

This is not a testimony of how I came back to the faith, as that is for another time. This story, rather, will pick up at the more current period of my life, as an active, practicing Catholic who is married and who is a father. As a quick background, I’m a millennial who was born at the end of the 80s who was “sort of” raised with Catholic...

03 15 2018

Think Twice Before You Get That Tattoo

I’ll just get this out there right away—I’ve never liked tattoos. I wouldn’t say I ever felt strongly about them, either, that is, until I was at a waterpark with my kids. My Dad had a tattoo from his time at boot camp with the Marines, but growing up I didn’t see many tattoos. It’s just in the last ten years that they’ve gone from a ...

11 16 2017

Reverencing Women

People laugh at medieval feudalism as hopelessly out of date and even at times barbaric. There is one aspect, though, that continues to intrigue—courtly romance. The codes of chivalry became normative at the time of the Crusades, with international armies finally fighting together instead of against one another. What stands out at this time is th...

09 30 2016

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