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I Believe in Me: Naming the New Ideology

We are clearly facing a revolution, a radical turning away from the past–both the American founding and from Western Civilization more broadly. A wave of iconoclasm sweeps away not simply statues but even institutions, including the most foundational: the family. What is arising to fill the void? It’s not clear, although we can point to a vague...

08 11 2020

Christmas and the American Religion

There are two competing religions at work on Christmas Day. Religion 1: Christmas should make us tremble in holy fear! God, our maker and judge, has come to us. And yet, he comes as a little baby, calming our fears and enabling us to approach like the shepherds to receive our salvation. We show him our love and humble ourselves before him. We hono...

12 23 2018

Can a Catholic be a Conservative?

One thing about the 2016 election that I am especially grateful for is how it caused principled conservatives to do some soul searching.  Faced with a candidate who was neither principled nor—let’s be honest—all that conservative, they could not help but question how far they would extend their allegiance. Some, I presume, even questioned th...

10 17 2017

How We Can Make the World More Human

One of the most common misunderstandings we have in our modern culture is that Christian faith is somehow at enmity with our humanity. For example, priests are often asked things like, “So, are you allowed to drink beer?” or “Is it bad to smoke cigars?” Moreover, a common critique people have of the Church is that it has too many rules, bec...

07 08 2016

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