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Why Technology Certainly Is Not Neutral

Neil Postman aptly described our society as a Technopoly, or what we could also refer to as technocracy – a society fundamentally shaped and ruled by technology. Technology has played a central role civilization from the beginning, but a shift has occurred as technology has passed beyond normal human proportions. Rather than assisting us to p...

09 23 2020

The Urgent Need for the Apostolate of the Ear

A growing concern of mine is the seeming growth and pervasiveness of division and polarization both in society at large and in the Church. Such division is no doubt hyperbolized by rigid ideologues and media outlets on both the right and the left, but we should not thereby dismiss it as totally fabricated or underestimate its significance. We mus...

08 06 2020

An Interview with the Catholic of the Daily Wire: Michael J. Knowles

Mr. Michael J. Knowles is an author of a book without words, an accomplished actor, contributor at the Daily Wire and host of the Michael Knowles Show. Aside from his commendable taste in cigars (smoking a stogie at his recommendation as of this writing), Michael is a man of faith and in the richest sense of the phrase, he is one of those Catholic ...

09 26 2017

The Eucharist Should Shape Your Way of Life

We can fall into a routine reception of the Eucharist. Receiving our Lord’s Body can remain an isolated moment in our life—meaningful, but not central to our identity or how we live. God does not want the Eucharist to remain hidden at Mass or a secret in our lives. Rather, the Eucharist stands at the center of Christian culture, our communal an...

08 24 2017

Pope Francis & Economics

“Politics must not be subject to the economy, nor should the economy be subject to the dictates of an efficiency-driven paradigm of technocracy. Today, in view of the common good, there is urgent need for politics and economics to enter into a frank dialogue in the service of life, especially human life. Saving banks at any cost, making the publi...

By Fr. Ryan O'Neil 10 11 2016

Who Am I To Judge?

"The problem is a person that has a condition, that has good will and who seeks God, who are we to judge? And we must accompany them well... this is what the catechism says, a clear catechism. Then there are traditions in some countries, in some cultures that have a different mentality on this problem. I think that the Church… must not only ask f...

07 26 2016

Don’t Listen to Pope Francis like a Secular

If there is one thing we have come to expect from the Francis papacy, it is the frequency of off-the-cuff comments which are predictably misreported by the secular media and feed a certain narrative that creates even more misinformation amongst the general populace. Catholics, being often caught in the middle of the secular frenzy, tend to pick sid...

02 25 2016

“How long has it been since your last Confession?”

“How long has it been since your last Confession?” Many Catholic men dread these words, filled with anxiety at the prospect of having to admit that it’s been months or years since they found themselves talking to a priest about their sins. For many, that anxiety—coupled with the seeming shame of having to then actually verbalize the times ...

02 10 2016

Can American Democracy Be Saved?

In his address to the European Parliament in 2014 Pope Francis said the following, “Keeping democracies alive is a challenge in the present historic moment.  The true strength of our democracies – understood as expressions of the political will of the people – must not be allowed to collapse under the pressure of multinational interests whi...

01 18 2016

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