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Why You Need a Mentor, as I Remember Mine

If you want to grow, if you want to do great things, you need mentors to lead the way. Just as Jesus mentored His disciples, we need guides to point us in the right direction and show us how to progress toward it. I’ve been reflecting on mentorship a lot recently after having lost two of my professors, Fr. Matthew Lamb and Dr. Don Briel. Dr. Brie...

02 22 2018

How to Identify a Wise Mentor

Since you are not God, you are not self-sufficient in your being and require outside “input”.  You need a mentor as a guide, because you cannot guide yourself.  Everyone needs a mentor.  “A fool is ever right to his own thinking; the wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15, Knox).  So, how do we find one? The word mentor is the name o...

02 13 2017

True Mentoring

A good father in his home is relatively easy to visualize and define: spend time with your kids, love them, and teach them what they need to be taught by their father. But what does a mentor do? How does he set out from ground zero, inspired to invest more of himself in the lives of the next generations? In Fraternus we teach the men a principle...

01 22 2016

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