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Fr. Miguel Juarez, A Hero for Christ

Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez was ordained a Priest in Belgium on August 31, 1925.  Already by 1926, however, due to his poor health, Fr. Miguel’s superiors sent him back to his homeland of Mexico.  Thus began his story of heroic suffering for which he is known.  Less than a month after his arrival home, “an order suppressing all public worship...

10 30 2017

The Problem Behind The Problem Of Video Games

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  The passions of anger and hate are actually aroused because you love something, and that something is being threatened.   This is the sense in the Gospels when Jesus says we must “hate” even father, mother, and so on for His sake.  This is not meant to say that we are to actively disdain ...

06 17 2017

Want to be a Hero? It Starts with Freedom.

This article has been submitted by Mr. Ryan Budd, a seminarian from Mount Saint Mary's Theological Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD.  Recently, the men of Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary were able to go on a two-day mission trip to a secular college campus to proclaim the Gospel, one-on-one, to college students who were open to hearing it (cf Lk 10:1-9...

By Mr. Ryan Budd 11 25 2015

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