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What’s Wrong With The ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’

Classical philosophy begins with the idea that each and every man desires one simple thing: happiness. All that he does he does because he thinks it is good for him, that it will bring happiness. That’s pretty easy to agree with. The harder thing, however, is the path. How does a man gain happiness? How can we recognize it? What things exactly br...

06 18 2021

6 Ways to Make Sure You’re Actually Moving Toward Your Dreams

The smell of a brand new baseball always set me off.  It was heavenly.  The peacefulness of the baseball diamond could overtake me at times, allowing my mind to wander dangerously in the middle of a pitcher’s wind up.  The aroma of dirt, fresh cut grass, popcorn, and sweat complemented the perfect swing; when I couldn’t even feel the ball hi...

07 12 2018

On Happiness and Humility

Towards the conclusion of class this past semester, I posed to my students a question that attempts to relate desire with happiness. I began by asking them to list desires or inclinations that they thought all humans possessed. To assist their reflections, I told them to start with more basic desires, ones that humans share with the rest of the cre...

12 22 2017

Truth or Happiness?

Mr. Brian Jones A dear friend of mine recently brought my attention to something that I have been pondering ever since I began teaching in 2009. After I taught an RCIA class, my friend raised a rather interesting point regarding a shift in his own approach towards pedagogy. The shift has been the result of his teaching both RCIA and years of giv...

07 22 2017

What Does Love In A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Most men are called to be married, and want a healthy marital relationship.  So, what constitutes a healthy relationship.  To answer this question, many pop psychology books talk about good communication and respect for one another.  Others may talk about a healthy sex life.  I want to take a different approach and talk about love.  In fact, I...

05 15 2017

Dear Men, Without You Boys CANNOT Be Virtuous – Here’s What to Do

We think of friendship as an “add on” to life - nice but unessential.  However, for the young especially, friendship is dispensed with to the peril of their growth into a man.  And no, not friendship with peers only, but trusting friendship with adults.  Why?  Because the inexperience of young men, if mixed with a life without mentors, make...

By Mr. Jason Craig 11 03 2016

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