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On Happiness and Humility

Towards the conclusion of class this past semester, I posed to my students a question that attempts to relate desire with happiness. I began by asking them to list desires or inclinations that they thought all humans possessed. To assist their reflections, I told them to start with more basic desires, ones that humans share with the rest of the cre...

12 22 2017

Truth or Happiness?

Mr. Brian Jones A dear friend of mine recently brought my attention to something that I have been pondering ever since I began teaching in 2009. After I taught an RCIA class, my friend raised a rather interesting point regarding a shift in his own approach towards pedagogy. The shift has been the result of his teaching both RCIA and years of giv...

07 22 2017

What Does Love In A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Most men are called to be married, and want a healthy marital relationship.  So, what constitutes a healthy relationship.  To answer this question, many pop psychology books talk about good communication and respect for one another.  Others may talk about a healthy sex life.  I want to take a different approach and talk about love.  In fact, I...

05 15 2017

Dear Men, Without You Boys CANNOT Be Virtuous – Here’s What to Do

We think of friendship as an “add on” to life - nice but unessential.  However, for the young especially, friendship is dispensed with to the peril of their growth into a man.  And no, not friendship with peers only, but trusting friendship with adults.  Why?  Because the inexperience of young men, if mixed with a life without mentors, make...

By Mr. Jason Craig 11 03 2016

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