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Looking Christian at the End of Lent

My Nana was what some people refer to as Saint Anonymous. Someone that might not be on the same pedestal or as widely known as Saint Theresa or Saint Francis, but goes about their daily life living the same holy virtues unnoticed. On the day of my Nana's funeral, the Vatican was canonizing three saints. During the eulogy, the priest talked about ho...

04 20 2019

Does Turning the Other Cheek Equate to Weakness?

In “average” men there is an understandable fear that Christians are weak.  To imitate Jesus, “meek and humble,” is hard enough, but the same Jesus also asks us to turn our cheek when struck.  Not to mention Jesus gave up His life in the end, without a fight – Peter tried but was rebuked. Is the “Christian man”, then, an oxymoron?...

10 23 2018

Pentecost: Christianity is More Than Getting Out of Hell

Christianity is more than a canceling of a sin-debt.  The central piece of our faith is not just the communication of our cleansing, but the Incarnation of God Himself.  But even that doesn't say enough – it's not the whole story.  Because it is not just that the divine intermingled with man, like a visitor, but that through Christ man becomes...

05 20 2018

Why Christianity Can Reform But Islam Can’t

Fathers are powerful. We know this by what happens when they are absent. Children without fathers are: 5 times more likely to be poor 5 times more likely to commit crime 9 times more likely to drop out of school 20 times more likely to go to prison Those statistics are courtesy of former President Barack Obama, in his 2008 Father...

02 09 2017

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