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What Beer Can Teach Us

I’ve been speaking and writing about beer for years. Some people have asked if it’s really worth my time with all the important theological topics and cultural problems that could be addressed. It’s something I’ve definitely considered, but what I’ve found is that beer is a great entry point into the bigger picture of Catholic culture. ...

10 30 2018

Experience the Beer Option at St. Joseph’s Farm in November

In the next couple of weeks, my new book The Beer Option is coming out. I’m adding to the many options that have been proposed recently with one to which I hope we can all raise our glasses! But, what is the Beer Option? It proposes a renewal of Catholic culture by attending to the small but significant things of life, such as beer. Brewing te...

10 03 2018

The Beer Option: What We Can Learn from Brewing Monks

The buzz surrounding the Benedict Option has spawned many spinoffs, each looking to a particular spirituality to focus the renewal of Church and culture. As a Benedictine oblate, I agree with Rod Dreher that the Benedictines provide a crucial and necessary witness on how to rebuild Christian culture. We need strong local communities that find new w...

07 02 2018

October Pilgrimage to Paris and More (and Beer!)

When Bishop Barron visited Denver recently he spoke about having his world “rocked” by great beauty and truth as a teenager and lamented that many people have not had this experience. Are we even becoming immune to the power of beauty and truth? Ultimately Jesus rocked my world when I first came to Catholic school after I had been kicked out of...

03 24 2018

Saints, Monks, and Beer: A Pilgrimage for the Ages

This October I’m leading my first pilgrimage. It will coincide with a book I have coming out, The Beer Option: A Catholic Guide to Beer and Culture, which will be published by Angelico. The pilgrimage aims at exploring Catholic culture in its fullness: great art and architecture, food and drink, religious life, and the saints. My wife, Anne, and ...

03 02 2018

Why Laymen and Priests Don’t Relate

The phenomenon of “men’s groups” is interesting.  Of course, as inherent problem solvers, men seek out reasons to band together for a cause.  In fact, that’s the genius of homo sapien brotherhood according to evolutionary biologists – collaboration amongst potential competitors.  Just consider the achievement of the Knights of Columbus...

10 09 2017

What Scotch Can Teach Us About Friendship

“Yer not gettin' kayaks” she said in her thick Scottish brogue.  Our bluff as “experienced kayakers,” who could handle the rocky coastal waters off the shore of Scotland, was evidently unconvincing.  As the day’s adventure came crashing down on the rocky shore of reality, we did the only next logical thing - made our way to the Oban d...

12 16 2016

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