Boys cannot become men without men.  Pope Pius XI once pointed out the fact that, especially during the formative years, the sexes should be separated:

False and harmful to Christian education today is the so-called method of ‘co-education’… a deplorable confusion of ideas… The Creator has ordained and disposed perfect union of the sexes only in matrimony, and, with varying degrees of contact, in the family and in society… [the differences between the sexes] therefore ought to be maintained and encouraged during their years of formation… (Divini Illius Magistra)

I know that’s strong for modern ears, and your reaction against it might be a symptom of how strongly secular society commands that we ignore the differences in the sexes.  But just stop.  Think… Can a woman explain to a boy how to be a man?  Can a man explain how to love as a woman?  On the cusp of maturity, coed education will almost always mean that one sex or the other will be at a disadvantage if not taught by their adult counterpart in ways appropriate and respectful of the dignity and difference of the male and female reality.

Fraternus has had huge success in helping boys reach maturity, growing in virtue, and coming to a greater respect for women and the Church.  Yes, the curriculum is based around the traditional virtues and the lectionary of the Church, but the power is in the brotherhood with boys and men, cultivating the spiritual life as men.  Remember, we experience, know, and interact in the world as male and female, and as Bishop Galeone, founding Episcopal Advisor of Fraternus, said: “Boys need guides to navigate the path to manhood.  Fraternus fulfills that role perfectly.”

Men that have completed an Exodus90 initiation into spiritual maturity (self-mastery) have likely experienced a huge growth in freedom and virtue.  What now?  The most obvious place for newly freed men to turn their attention is to those in their community that have the potential to be men very soon – i.e. boys.  Boys need mentors, and who better to do that than Catholic men?  All boys have mentors.  Either we as men bring them into our Catholic brotherhood, rooted in the truth of Jesus Christ and the Church, or we allow the father of lies to draw them into the brotherhood of Cain – suspicious God’s goodness and suspicious of their fellow man.

If you choose the latter, sign up today for a free 30-minute webinar hosted by Fraternus.  Live participants will also receive a free ebook on mentoring.  We can’t stop the Catholic man-crisis only through men’s groups.  We men need to mentor boys.  No one else can.


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02 / 08 / 2017
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