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Defending Humanae Vitae: A Bishop Stands Up for the Truth

When facing the difficulties of secular culture, we have two major options: to accommodate the culture or to hold fast to the truth. I think we now have enough evidence to certify that the first option leads to death. Literally, Christian churches are dying out because they have lost their faith and their commitment to the truth. When we as ind...

02 11 2018

Will Society Be Bold Enough to Link Sexual Aggression With Pornography?

For many young men, viewing Internet pornography is a daily event, making it easier to accept and talk about.  No longer do men hide their pornography use.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for men to discuss their favorite porn websites and porn stars over coffee.  This, however, is changing the way they view sex and women.  They are left with a d...

02 06 2018

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