Romantic love in a relationship is easy to identify.  It’s when a man and a woman meet and find themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually attracted to each other.  There is a “chemistry” there that cannot be explained.  The two just “click.”  In such a relationship, you find yourself wanting to spend more time with her.  You think of ways to impress her to get her to like you more.  You spend more time on your appearance to look good for her.  You thoroughly clean your home and car for her.  You may give her flowers, candy, and other small gifts, along with cards that express your love for her.  You plan elaborate dates with her.  You may even write her love letters.  Here is where you’re probably your most romantic.  These behaviors are your way of communicating how much she means to her.  She is so important to you that you treat no other person is such special ways.


This period of courtship is very important for a relationship.  Many couples have fond memories of their dating days.  What many men don’t realize is this courtship doesn’t end once the honeymoon is over.  The romantic love in a relationship needs to be constantly nurtured.  You cannot believe that giving your wife romantic greeting cards on her birthday, your wedding anniversary, and on St. Valentine’s is sufficient.  It’s important to find ways to regularly express your romantic love for your wife.  Write her love notes, send her flowers “just because,” plan special dates for her.  If you have children, secure childcare for when you do go on dates.  Find ways to let her know every day how special she is to you.


I realize that for many men, being romantic is not easy.  This is a good time to practice asceticism.  Get out of your comfort zone!  Become the romantic man your wife would love to be married to.  This doesn’t mean you need to act like a “Don Juan” or a “Casanova.”  If simply means opening your heart, being vulnerable, and letter her know in special ways how much you love her.  

05 / 24 / 2017
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