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Pray, Talk, Do

In her book, Rebuilding a Marriage Better then New, Cindy Beall notes there are three things husbands and wives need to do together build a healthy marriage: pray, talk, and do. Pray Many Catholic couples find it difficult to pray together.  For many prayer means reciting rote prayers such as the Our Father or the rosary.  Outside of grace be...

01 04 2020

Renewing Intimacy in Marriage

Every married couple wants to have a healthy marriage.  This means fostering healthy intimacy throughout the marriage.  Intimacy is the emotional connection between two people.  It’s where you both know each other thoroughly.  You feel completely safe with one another and can talk about anything.  When two people have this kind of intimacy, ...

12 26 2019

A Wedding Homily: “Pray Your Rosary”

There is a popular song by a man named Matt Stell that opens with these words: Never been the kind to ask for help. If a mountain needs moving, I move it myself. I’m far from a preacher, But I’m a believer. And every single day I prayed for you. I didn’t know your name, I couldn’t see your face, But I prayed for you. It’s hard to...

09 08 2019

Financial Honesty in Marriage

Tony and Laura are newlyweds who have been married just one year.  They came to my office visibly angry with each other.  Laura was angry because Tony had a secret credit card that he had been using to view pornography and attend strip clubs.  Tony was angry with Laura because she had amassed over $40,000 is student loan and credit card debt, wh...

05 25 2019

Do Not Neglect to Treasure Your Wife

Once upon a time, my career was landscape design and installation. When I was entering the Church, my sponsor asked if I would install an irrigation system for him which, of course, I was eager to do – for the sake of business and because he was a friend.  But I learned then, and many other times, that often those closest to us not only learn ou...

05 23 2019

Early Bird Special Romance

The event happened about fifteen years ago, but remains etched in my memory as if it was last week. There are times when God treats us to something special, if only we pay attention. Fortunately for me, it was one of those times that I was paying attention. It was so unexpected. And simple. And beautiful. I had arrived at the West Des Moines re...

05 21 2019

A “Workout” for Your Relationship with God and Your Wife

In his book, Vertical Marriage, Dave Wilson provides an excellent formula for growing in our relationship with God and with our wives.  Dave Wilson is a pastor and chaplain for the Detroit Lions.  After ten years of marriage he and his wife, Ann, were in crisis.  His focus on his ministry and career left her feeling lonely and rejected.  Realiz...

05 19 2019

My Marriage is a Gift

I got married a few months back and I think, no I know, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. (Okay, so it has been 20 years, but it doesn’t feel possible that it was that long ago.) As corny as it may be to use a movie line to describe my marital relationship, I’m going to do it anyway because I can identify some simple wisdom behind Jack...

01 11 2019

Pornography and Marriage: Eight Myths

When it comes to pornography use and marriages, there are several myths that need to be dispelled.  Doing so can improve a couple’s ability to heal and restore their personal lives and their marriages.  Here are eight common myths I’ve found in the couples I’ve worked with over the years. Myth #1: Viewing Pornography is More Exciting and F...

10 09 2018

“It’s Not the Years, Honey. It’s the Mileage”

These infamous words of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark epitomize how a pilgrimage is truly a microcosmic slice of life’s spiritual journey, a distilled process of the joys and sufferings in the everyday encounters with fellow travelers through the stories portrayed in the flashback scenes of the movie of our lives, symbolizing how each ...

08 06 2018

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