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Pornography’s Impact on Healthy Intimacy in Romantic Relationships

In my last article, I discussed healthy intimacy in friendships. In this article, I focus on intimacy in romantic relationships. For many men, their goal in life is to get married and have a family. Finding a wife begins with knowing how to date successfully. This can be difficult for many men as pornography has damaged their ability to relate to w...

06 22 2016

Where is God in Addiction Recovery?

People often wonder where God is when they struggle with an addiction.  Many of the men I work with who struggle with pornography addiction have prayed fervently for God to take it away.  However, they feel their prayers have fallen on deaf ears because they continue to struggle.  Some believe that God doesn’t even care about them.  They beli...

05 14 2016

Jesus Christ Is in the Real. Not the Digital.

I try once a month to take what is called a “desert day”, a day to retreat from all work and technology to be with the Lord and listen to Him, to pray for all the people who have become a part of my belonging to Christ. I spent one of those days hiking Kennesaw Mountain in North Georgia, doing equal parts wandering and taking in the scenery. At...

05 02 2016

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