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Be Master or Get Mastered

Nobody likes a person, especially a man, who just agrees to everything and goes with the flow, because that flow will typically by along the lines of whim, impulse, and sin – he’s a “yes man” not just to another man, but to everything. If you say ‘yes’ to everyone and everything you are not free and you are not really your own person. Y...

03 20 2020

Temperance is More than Self-Denial and Moderation

Lent is a time where the virtue of temperance gets lots of nods.  Philosopher Josef Pieper called temperance “selfless self-denial.”  This formulation helps us understand this virtue, because many people can be said to have denied themselves comfort or ease for the sake of something, but looking deeper that “something” is very often the s...

04 07 2019

Mastering Self-Control in the Workplace

Temperance is about growth and development. While the standing traditional definition has been aligned around moderation in a variety of our activities, the practice of self-control is more in line with the discipline of building upon one’s faith. Self-control allows for growth in our freedom, in our ability to have the world revolve less arou...

03 28 2018

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