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Cowboys, Tattoos and Mortification of the Flesh

In the film, The Rider, a young man, Brady Blackburn, suffers a debilitating rodeo injury. Blackburn’s world revolves around horses and he must now forge a new identity. Family dysfunction and rural poverty increase the challenge.  The story is based on actual events and the actors play themselves. A subplot involves the friendship between Bl...

03 21 2019

Think Twice Before You Get That Tattoo

I’ll just get this out there right away—I’ve never liked tattoos. I wouldn’t say I ever felt strongly about them, either, that is, until I was at a waterpark with my kids. My Dad had a tattoo from his time at boot camp with the Marines, but growing up I didn’t see many tattoos. It’s just in the last ten years that they’ve gone from a ...

11 16 2017

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