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A Catholic Man’s Response to #MeToo

Let’s begin this article with a controversial statement: Toxic masculinity is real and has been since near the beginning of human existence. (Note: so too has toxic femininity, but it’s not the topic of this article.)  Many men hate this indictment and resist it.  After all, who wants to be painted with the same broad brush that touches sexua...

01 08 2018

Evangelical Suffering: The Martyrdom of Blessed Miguel Pro

Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez was ordained a Priest in Belgium on August 31, 1925.  Already by 1926, however, due to his poor health, Fr. Miguel’s superiors sent him back to his homeland of Mexico.  Thus began his story of heroic suffering for which he is known.  Less than a month after his arrival home, “an order suppressing all public worship...

04 10 2017

Navy Seals And Ownership

“The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others.” Don Shula “Excuses are the tools of the incompetent.” Mike Tomlin I was emptying out our dishwasher a few nights back. My wife had pulled some Christmas plates out of storage and cleaned them to help us enter into the season. As I was unloading the dozen plates, my 4 yea...

12 27 2016

A Voter’s Guide to The Apocalypse

These are tough days to be a voting Catholic. It was easier when we could pull the “intrinsically evil” card, and feel morally justified because we had avoided voting for anyone who supported an action which -- as the American Bishops put it in their document Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship -- is "always opposed to the authentic go...

11 01 2016

When You Hate Being A Father

It is with heavy heart and weary mind that I present what is one of the hardest statements I’ve ever written: I wish I were not a father today. I should probably clarify this little bit of bitterness. I do not mean that I wish I did not have my two beautiful boys, who look up at me with their mother’s deep blue eyes. I do not mean I regret t...

10 21 2016

Founding Fathers – Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf

Most often when an American thinks of the Founding Fathers names such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or George Washington are the first to be considered. And indeed, they are the true Founders of the American Republic in which the Constitution and ideals of endowed rights of the individual coming from God were written into law. However, in...

10 18 2016

4 Signs That Persecution Is Near

Do you think that in our lifetime we will witness the blood of Christian citizens on the hands of our nation’s leaders?  Will the “mild” persecution of government override of conscience, forced monetary compliance for morally objectionable ends and attempts at limiting free speech be the worst of what we will see?  Such an assumption seems,...

10 17 2016

St. Padre Pio – Love Like a Man. Suffer Like a Man.

Evil will seek us out, like a lion seeking someone to devour. It is inevitable. For the vast majority of us, our battles with evil will occur in the form of temptation rather than physical manifestations of the devil, and to be honest, I am glad.  I think I would scream like a small infant if I saw the devil; we should count our blessings. In 1...

08 16 2016

Monks Disgraced by Big Government and Your Need to Wake Earlier

In the late 1800’s Pope Leo XIII was concerned that the myths surrounding the Benedictine monasteries that were suppressed under Henry VIII’s “reforms” would never be corrected.  The myths spoke of monkish glut leeching from the peasantry of England.  The myths, or “spun narrative” as we say today, were necessary because the Benedicti...

08 05 2016

How My Son Taught Me to Radically Accept God’s Will

Not long ago a priest shared some guidance with my wife and me that has been the cause of a great deal of conversation and reflection in our home.  In response to learning that we pray every day about our oldest son’s future and that he be healed of his autism, he encouraged us to pray first for acceptance. Let me explain. He said there w...

04 12 2016

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