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When Is War Just?

In this final installment of our meditations regarding the relationship between Christians and the employment of just force, I want to focus on the teachings of the Church and on her approach to war.  It is of cardinal importance that Catholics understand these teachings and are able to present them to the world with coherence and clarity. It w...

05 14 2016

One Doctrine NOT Found in the Early Church: Pacifism

Being the members of a minority group, the early Christians were focused on evangelization and the salvation of souls. It took generations for the Church to meditate on the proper relation of Christians in various states of life to the broader world. In the first flush of the early Church one would expect to see evidence of a radical living out of ...

03 08 2016

Why Adele’s “Hello” Brought Me to My Knees…

I had lost my interest in pop culture. It’s cheap, it’s short-lived, it’s flavor-of-the-week. “What’s here today is gone tomorrow.” There won’t be “classic” radio stations playing our music in 50 years… Further, being in “Churchy” environments all my life, I’m tired of Christians spinning secular songs and “d...

By Mr. John Henry 11 11 2015

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