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No Humility, No Glory, No Sonship

The Humility and Glory of Being a Son Boys come out of women.  Mothers after all are the ones that give birth.  Coming out of them, separated away from them, is a priestly reality.  We are separated out of women (and childhood for that matter) in order to be men, called to lay down our life so that the promise and hope that women and children r...

02 06 2017

Good Fathers Are NOT Enough

In the growing movement to re-emphasize fatherhood and masculine formation there is – rightly – immense focus on biological fathers.  For boys especially, as they grow into adolescence they are growing away from their childhood and the world of women represented by their mother and teachers and into the world of men.  The father is the one wh...

09 06 2016

Evangelization – It’s a Family Business

My wife just made some delicious strawberry scones that both my kids devoured. I, at the same time, was making myself a breakfast burrito with leftover chicken fajita stuff…a delicious man’s breakfast. As I sat down and took my first bite, my 1-year old son came barging over and demanded to sit in my lap. He immediately began helping himself to...

05 04 2016

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