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More Than Sin: 6 Reasons the Word Was Made Flesh

“Why was Christ crucified?” So often the typical response to this question is “to save us from our sins.” This is true. But there is more to consider here. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), there are six other reasons with which we need to be familiar in order to better understand the implications and ramifications o...

03 13 2019

From Drudgery to Joy: Work in Its Proper Context

Stress about work is common among men.  Whether it be from anxiety about providing for our families, a lack of personal fulfillment and a sense of meaning, or the everyday interpersonal difficulties that work often entails, it is a simple fact that our work puts a lot of pressure on us.  This is understandable.  We are, after all, creatures made...

11 14 2017

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