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These Aren’t the Monuments You’re Looking For

What happens when erroneous ideologies conflict? Very simply, violence, hatred, and more error, the likes of which we saw recently in Charlottesville. Our president attempted (poorly) to make this point when he said “I think there is blame on both sides.” Because he lacked the philosophical and moral foundations to make such an assessment, a...

08 25 2017

How Black Lives Matter Can Help Black Lives More: Focusing on Fatherhood

Louisiana. Minnesota. Dallas. President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan responded differently to the events of Dallas, but with one common assumption: peaceful protest. They said (and rightly so) that the people of Dallas were exercising their first amendment rights in protesting the violence of two policemen the previous week. Many marched for p...

09 07 2016

Chaos on Campus

Satan loves chaos. Not only is chaos the opposite of order, it is a perversion of order. It is only natural then that chaos begets confusion. These two forces – chaos and confusion – are always united to destruction and death, which are sure hallmarks of the evil one’s handiwork. So, in the past few weeks and months as America has watched cha...

By Mr. Gabe Jones 12 01 2015

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