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A Fatherly Priest Does Not Withhold the Food of Truth

This article was originally published in Sword & Spade magazine. by Fr. Jim Booth When I consider that a priest is to be the image of Jesus Himself, it ought to be impossible to escape the gravity of this daunting reality. Actually being, not simply acting, Christ-like is not easy and it is not for the faint of heart. After all, He suffer...

03 11 2021

The Sad Day a Priest Mentor Became One of the “Accused”

Yesterday as I sat in our normal pew with my wife and eldest daughter beside me and my two sons and youngest daughter serving at the altar our priest (a man I love and respect) read a statement from our Most Reverend Bishop acknowledging and apologizing for sexual abuse or misconduct by some of the priests and former priests of our diocese, many d...

08 17 2018

So You Are Losing a Wonderful Priest – Welcome the Opportunity

My parish is losing a wonderful pastor to the summer rotation of priests around the diocese. Our pastor is a man of great faith, possesses exceptional intelligence, and is a fantastic teacher of our faith. He is everything I could ever desire a pastor to be and we will miss him dearly, but I am confident that the incoming priest will be a blessing ...

06 28 2018

Four Qualities for Authentic Friendship

“We asked 100 married men, ‘Who do you talk to first when your wife finds out you’ve cheated on her?’” I heard this question recently on a re-run episode of the classic dinnertime game show “Family Feud.” Funny the things we remember, right? Oddly, I also recall the number one answer was “bartender.” Really? Yep. The number one pe...

06 12 2018

Biblical Literacy: Who is Melchizedek?

Melchizedek is a mysterious figure. He is the first person in Scripture to be called a “priest.” In Hebrew his name means either “king of righteousness” or “rightful king” or “my king is Sidqu.” Sidqu was a Canaanite god, but Melchizedek was said to be a priest of “the God Most High.” Melchizedek’s name appears only twice in t...

04 06 2018

When a Priest Struggles: Obstacles to Getting Help

This article is for all the priests who regularly visit ThoseCatholicMen.com and for their family and friends.  Internet pornography addiction is an epidemic in America, and priests are not immune to it.  This article is designed to help priests overcome the obstacle to getting the help they need and deserve. As with all addictions, getting he...

03 07 2018

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