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October Pilgrimage to Paris and More (and Beer!)

When Bishop Barron visited Denver recently he spoke about having his world “rocked” by great beauty and truth as a teenager and lamented that many people have not had this experience. Are we even becoming immune to the power of beauty and truth? Ultimately Jesus rocked my world when I first came to Catholic school after I had been kicked out of...

03 24 2018

How Does the Catholic Man Respond to the Attacks in Paris?

Editor's Note: Doyle Baxter is a student at Xavier University, who is currently studying abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. The news arrived slowly. First we heard that two people had been shot and killed. Then it was ten…twenty…thirty. We later caught wind of the hostage situation in the Bataclan theatre. Paris was under attack, but ...

By Mr. Doyle Baxter 11 17 2015

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