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Our Circle of Support: The Saints

As I was praying about my patron saints recently, the following image came to my mind, about the order of our prayer and the help that God has given us to reach Him: all the saints are centered on God and they seek to pull us into that center through their prayers and support. The heart of our prayer centers on God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. T...

11 24 2018

Marxism Has Infiltrated Your Family

Have you ever sat down to a discussion with someone and an issue related to the family comes up (sex, marriage, children, contraception, abortion, etc.) and, after the tensions rise a bit, it seems as if this person is living in another world?  He may seem reasonable, yet somewhere there is a leap in logic that takes him to a world you’ve never ...

10 26 2017

Why Catholic Worship Appeals to Men

Some men of the parish wanted to make a retreat before Lent, so I suggested we head to the hills for a Benedictine experience. We rented a cabin at a retreat center in the mountains, and I packed the car with all the clobber we needed for Catholic worship. Once there I set up an altar with crucifix and candles, placed a statue of the Blessed Virgin...

03 02 2016

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