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Why the World Needs Catholic Artists

No honest person would disagree that most popular culture lacks a Catholic perspective, and some of it, like Netflix’s recent “Christmas movie,” is even directly hostile toward Christianity. This movie, produced by a Brazilian studio, portrays Jesus Christ as a homosexual, the Apostles as drunks, and insults the Virgin Mary in ways I won’t ...

02 19 2020

Dear Netflix: You Can Entertain Me, but You Can’t Buy My Joy.

My father has a few sayings that he repeats over and over and over again. “Care-Full” he says, “Not, Care-Less”. Here’s another: “If you want to be a smart man, read The Wall Street Journal.” I’ve taken him up on the latter. Every morning, I open the breviary to greet my God, and then open the Journal to see what’s unfolding in...

11 16 2016

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