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Memento Mori: On Failing Exodus90 and Doing Exodus90 

By: F. Breen When a victorious general returned to Rome, there would be a great celebration where the people would treat him as almost a god. In that time, there was a tradition. A slave or servant would ride along with the victorious general and repeat to him "memento mori", which means "remember your death". In stoic philosophy, memento mori is ...

03 19 2020

The New Year Dash

Welcome to 2019 and a wave of “New Year/New Me” posts and articles for how to live your best life now while being the best version of yourself, etcetera.  This isn’t quite that type of article.  I don’t do “health and wealth” advice, not because I find anything wrong with health or wealth but mostly because it’s fleeting.  I don’...

01 10 2019

Three Lessons from Your Kids on Eternity

Raising children is a great blessing. That God would bestow upon man the ability to share in His creative power is a wondrous example of His generosity; or, depending on your viewpoint, this procreative ability is proof that God has a sense of humor. Can you imagine what else might have been said in Heaven during Creation week that is not record...

11 02 2017

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