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Altar Serving is For Boys Because Saying Mass is a Man’s Job

Wise cultures don’t let boys idle long – as boys that is.  If you let them idle, that unnecessary phase of “adolescence” creeps in.  Adolescence, an invention of unhealthy cultures wherein boyhood is extended as far as possible into would-be adulthood, is an enemy of maturity.  Once a boy comes to a physical strength and mental capacity ...

02 16 2019

Marian Apparitions Are Just Not That Important Compared to This

Years ago, I had a revelation about apparitions of Mary. While the Blessed Mother did not appear to me in a dream or in country side field, she certainly made her presence known. I was in the eighth grade at the local Catholic school, and several devoted ladies from the Blue Army came to my class and told us all about Our Lady's appearance at Fatim...

01 13 2019

12 Things to Know If You’re Going to Mass for the First Time

In order to help our non-Catholic family, friends, and acquaintances feel more welcome and comfortable in our churches, here are a few “need to know” tips you can share with them as you drive to the church. First of all, the most likely occasions for non-Catholics to be in our churches are for sacraments and funerals. But with each of these, we...

06 13 2018

Catholics Don’t Go to Mass Because Dad Doesn’t

Americans are not doing a very good job of observing the 3rd Commandment. Over the past 50 years, Sundays have been filled with youth sports, professional sports, shopping, work and just about everything else… except for Mass. In 1965, 55% of American Catholics attended Sunday Mass each weekend. Recent surveys show that only 23% of American Ca...

03 09 2018

Why We Really Go to Mass

God created us to give Him glory, which we do by sharing in His own happiness. The Catechism describes this reality in its opening line: “God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life.” The Baltimore Catechism captured the question “why did God make me?...

03 05 2018

When Going to Meet the King at Mass, Dress Like It

Have you ever walked into a room and realized you are underdressed? Shame is a bad feeling isn’t it? It can also be a serious motivation. One of the first things we notice when looking at photos from the past or even photos from different cultures today is the style of clothing. While people did not always dress as we see them in photographs a...

02 23 2018

Giving Thanks is Trivialized Without Blood and Sacrifice

I recently had a priest friend visit my farm to help me eat a pig.  He had, in fact, wanted to be there “for the bullet”, meaning when I began what is politely and (I think) cruelly called “processing”.  “Processing” is thoroughly modernist farm-speak that helps people cope with the reality that I am shooting a small bullet into the p...

11 20 2017

Why Men Love the Work of the Latin Mass

Work is the blessing and curse of man. Work is the vocation of man even before the Fall, as God placed Adam in the Garden to till and keep it. Work became a burden as a punishment for sin, but man works out his salvation toiling at his labor. Men are made for work and find fulfillment in it. Liturgy is a central expression of man’s vocation to...

09 14 2017

Keeping Communion: The Liturgy Millennials Ditched

An article denigrating the so-called “reform of the reform” movement recently appeared in Commonweal. In it, Michael H. Marchal argued that it is not new liturgical practices that are to blame for a decline in liturgical enthusiasm, but a lack of zeal, grace and “style” in their implementation. A return to the “pieties” of the older for...

11 10 2016

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