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Lessons from Monks for Men

Photo courtesy of NewMelleray.org By: Harry Scherer Recently, I experienced the joy of joining eleven other young men from around the country for the Monastic Wisdom Seminar at New Melleray Abbey, a Trappist monastery in northeast Iowa. I got an impression on the first night that the week would be unlike any other when one particularly humble an...

07 16 2019

What Makes Jesus Different from Other Religious “Founders?”

Several years ago, I came across the Christian rap song "Jesus is Alive" by Shai Linne.  The chorus to the song is very simple.  It lists several inspirational (and not so inspirational) historical figures, and states very matter-of-factly that each one of them “is dead.”  Shai Linne then contrasts our Lord with each figure by ending the cho...

04 09 2018

The Three Tiers of Addiction Recovery

People often ask me what the recovery process entails.  Especially when dealing with addiction to pornography, there is a desire to be able to recognize progress since it is such a difficult addiction.  I often describe recovery as a three-tiered process: sobriety, inner-healing, and transformation. Sobriety: Being sober means no longer usin...

10 03 2017

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