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A Lesson on Gifts and Failure from the New Karate Kid

SPOILER ALERT For those who haven’t yet watched the first The Karate Kid, I strongly encourage you to do so, as Cobra Kai is a continuation of the series.  There's a deep sense of loss in the movie, and I think it has much to say to us men, even in our imperfections and failures. The first scene begins with a flashback from near the end of th...

06 07 2018

The Women of the Gospel of St. Mark & A Lesson for Us

The role of women in the Gospel of Mark is partially typified by some traditionally missing information which is contained in other gospel passages. References to the Blessed Mother are present (Mk 3: 31-35; 6: 3), but there is no mention made of her words recorded in other gospels, particularly and specifically her conversation with the Angel Gabr...

04 25 2018

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