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Will the men “break” or will they lead? The historic opportunity of COVID

The opening chapter of The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, begins during the dustbowl when dry weather, over-tilling, and high winds stirred dirt into the air so much that “[the] dawn came, but not the day,” the sun being unable to penetrate to the crops and people below. When it settled, the men come out first, then the women, and then the...

09 01 2020

Becoming A Strong Leader

A leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.  Becoming a good leader takes time and practice; however, you can start becoming a good leader immediately.  One of the primary ways men can lead is through their example.  When you strive to live a holy and virtuous life, you are providing an example for others on how...

05 05 2017

Leader, Provider, Protector: A Man’s Mission.

When working with men dealing with a variety of issues, one thing I’ve found they all seem to struggle with is a lack of a sense of mission.  To live a happy, fulfilling and productive life, we need to know our primary purpose, our mission.  For men, that mission is to be effective leaders, providers, and protectors.  This is our nature.  A w...

04 04 2017

Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

I have been privileged to work at two institutions dedicated to leadership: the Augustine Institute and the University of Mary. The Augustine Institute instills leadership for the New Evangelization through its Master of Arts programs and its inspiring catechetical series. The University of Mary, America’s Leadership University, embodies servant ...

By Dr. Jared Staudt 12 13 2016

Old Lessons for the New Evangelization

I hope you are not completely exhausted from the phrase “the new evangelization”. If you are, I understand. It’s become a phrase that can be just noise or a label slapped on anything. Like a corporation changing its logo to green to join the “green movement”, Catholic initiatives can slap “new evangelization” on basically anything the...

02 24 2016

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