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On Returning to Texas after the Wal-Mart Massacre

Editors Note:  It will be hard for some to not read this entirely in the context of their political approach in 2019.  This, however, is a beautiful response to those that reduce humanity to abstractions worth hating – and killing.  I grew up in a poor neighborhood with many Hispanics, and it is from them and their stable and festive homes sup...

09 02 2019

What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Immigration?

It is being reported that 7,000 immigrants are walking to the United States’ southern border just in time for a contentious midterm election. Some carry flags from their home countries. Some sing national anthems from their home countries. Their chants include “Si se pudo!” (“Yes, we could [can]!”) What does the Catholic Church teach ...

10 28 2018

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